Inside the Fashionable Mind of Joseph Benavidez

Nov 29, 2019

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To most fans and observers of mixed martial arts, Joseph Benavidez is seen as one of the very best 125-pound fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and a pretty cool guy. And he is, yet what many may not know about him is his devotion to fighter fashion and his Dapper Scrappers Instagram page. The former flyweight title contender talked to Sherdog about his love of style in clothing, and of course his recent pursuits to become the next UFC flyweight champion.

“Being different has always been what I love about people. I look at [clothing] as a self-expression. If I was doing some fashion for Dapper Scrappers, I could say this guy was the best; this guy was the worst; this guy was on trend. I never do the best; I never do the worst. I just appreciate everyone’s style and their individualism, and I love that we can be looked at as more than fighters. It’s just a piece of the puzzle I saw missing. When I have the day off and go to fights, I’m like, ‘everyone is dressing really well.’ I notice these things. When I am in the airport or on the street, I’m looking at people’s shoes. Looking at girl’s shoes, men’s shoes, outfits, how they put things together. [At events] I’m like, ‘these guys don’t wear this to not have their picture taken.’ In our sport it’s so hard to be an individual. You’re fighting, and when you’re fighting, you’re wearing the same thing. You’re getting presented the same thing. You’re getting asked the same questions.”

Along with going in depth on his love of fashion, and how it all came about, Benavidez also spoke on the response he has gotten from fighters for his Dapper Scrapper page. Also, how his wife, ESPN broadcaster Megan Olivi, influences his tastes, and possible plans for growing the Dapper Scrappers brand. He also, of course, gave his thoughts on flyweight champion Henry Cejudo’s lack of interest in a return to flyweight to defend his title against him.



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