Bias Makes Long Awaited Return

Aug 20, 2008
LEMOORE, CA — It’s been eight months since Shawn Bias (Pictures) has stepped into the ring.

The Oroville mixed martial artists as been recovering from injuries sustained in a struggle with police officers in his hometown.

Bias (12-6) allegedly ran from officers outside an apartment complex in Oroville at about 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 20. Oroville police were called to investigate a disturbance and upon making contact with the 22-year-old, the former PFC Featherweight Champion reportedly ran and ignored orders from police to stop or be shot by a taser.

According to the Chico Enterprise Recorder, Bias was eventually caught by two officers and was tased a total of five times according to Oroville Police Chief Kirk Trostle. Some of the tasings were “drive stuns” which involves the taser making direct contact with the victim.

Bias was restrained and taken to the Oroville Hospital where he was treated for a heart attack and went into kidney failure.

He has since made a full recovery and ready to make his return to the PFC ring. “Since the incident I have refocused and started to appreciate my life and the abilities I have been given,” said Bias, who is slated for a 3-round battle Palace Fighting Championship comeback fight with Paradise’s Marcus Blood (Pictures) (2-3) on Thursday at the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino in Lemoore.

“Since the incident, I’ve had an uphill battle. I was told fighting would most likely never happen again for me. That brought tears to my eyes. Then I decided to focus and prove them wrong,” Bias added. “I had to go through dialysis and after my kidneys were fully functional after a month of hell, my doctor told me to take things slow, but I wanted and needed to get back in the ring and now here I am.”

Bias was one of the more loved fighters in the PFC, fighting in four of the first six PFC shows. He opened his PFC career on the inaugural card by beating Stockton’s Brandon Jinnies (Pictures) (3-8); he captured the vacant featherweight crown in June of 2007 by submitting Aaron Maldonado (Pictures) (4-2).

Then things got shaky in January of 2008. On the 17th Bias lost his belt by submission to Oakdale’s Art Arciniega (Pictures) (6-2). It wasn’t Bias’ best performance and there were rumors that he fought with an infected tooth and pneumonia.

Three days later he was in a struggle for his life.

“I’m excited to see Shawn healthy, focused and living a lifestyle that is conducive to him getting the most out of his career,” PFC President Christian Printup added. “He’s been given a second chance on many levels and I am sure you’ll see him fight every fight from this point on like it is his last.”

Don’t expect to see the same Bias.

“My training has been a lot different now. I’ve done a lot of cardio, which I have not done in the past. I’ve started to strength train and I’m stronger than ever. And just being healthy gives me a clear mind in the gym,” Bias said. “I’m hungry. I have that aggressiveness again. I love training now. For a long time I had lost my drive and I couldn’t seem to find it. Now I can’t train enough. I was ready to get back in the ring as soon as I woke up from my comma. I just had to put in the work. The first question I asked after I knew what went on that night, was can I still fight.”

That question will be answered Thursday.

“You know that Bias is always going to be colorful, he has always had the physical tools, but the fight game, much like the life game, is won upstairs,” Printup said. “You have to have the right mind set. He has put on a lot of muscle since his injuries and during his time off I know he’s had a lot of time to reflect on his past transgressions. We’ll see where he is at, though, it’s been a long lay off.”

For ticket information visit the Tachi Palace Gift Shop, or call 1.800.225 2277.

Fights will start at the conclusion of the 9-bout boxing card.

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