St. Pierre Earns $400K for Penn Pummeling

By Loretta Hunt Feb 2, 2009
It was a good night’s work for Georges St. Pierre.

The UFC welterweight champion earned $400,000 (minus 30 percent in foreign taxes) for his four-round handling of B.J. Penn at UFC 94 “St. Pierre vs. Penn 2” last Saturday in Las Vegas.

The amiable French Canadian relied on his wrestling to pin and tire Penn against the cage, then later took the fight to the canvas.

Penn, the UFC’s lightweight titleholder, took his lumps and a $125,000 paycheck after being unable to launch any type of attack on his bulldozing foe. The popular Hawaiian’s corner signaled their fighter’s submission to the attending doctor between rounds four and five after St. Pierre dominated Penn for nearly 20 minutes.

Light heavyweight contender Lyoto Machida not only managed to keep his undefeated 14-0 record unblemished, but did so in surprising fashion by knocking out Thiago Silva in the last second of the first round. Machida made $120,000 for his efforts and was also awarded a $65,000 bonus by UFC officials for the sole knockout on the card that night. Silva, who dropped to 13-1, was paid $29,000.

Welterweight Karo Parisyan eked out a split decision over Deep standout Dong Hyun Kim and pocketed $80,000 in his 13th appearance in the Octagon since 2003. Kim’s first career loss came at a $26,000 price tag.

The UFC got a sweet deal in Jon Jones, who impressed with a high-octane unanimous decision over “The Ultimate Fighter” veteran Stephan Bonnar for only $14,000. Even in defeat, Bonnar took home more ducats at $22,000.

UFC 94 Payouts

Georges St. Pierre -- $400,000 (including $200,000 bonus)
def. B.J. Penn -- $125,000

Lyoto Machida -- $120,000 (including $60,000 bonus)
def. Thiago Silva –- $29,000

Jon Jones -- $14,000 (including $7,000 bonus)
def. Stephan Bonnar –- $22,000

Karo Parisyan -- $80,000 (including $40,000 bonus)
def. Dong Hyun Kim -- $26,000

Clay Guida -- $40,000 (including $20,000 bonus)
def. Nathan Diaz -- $20,000

Jon Fitch -- $68,000 (including $34,000 bonus)
def. Akihiro Gono -- $28,000

Thiago Tavares -- $26,000 (including $13,000 bonus)
def. Manny Gamburyan -- $14,000

John Howard -- $6,000 (including $3,000 bonus)
def. Chris Wilson -- $15,000

Jake O’Brien -- $22,000 (including $11,000 bonus)
def. Christian Wellisch -- $12,000

Dan Cramer -- $16,000 (including $8,000 bonus)
def. Matt Arroyo -- $8,000

Note: These numbers, sent to by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, are disclosed pay only.
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