Nobody Wins with Bouts like Johnson-Torres

By Jason Probst Jun 2, 2011

According to a poll, most fans thought Miguel Torres won at UFC 130. | Photo: Dave Mandel

It is hard to say what I found more fascinating about the Demetrious Johnson-Miguel Torres matchup at UFC 130 on Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas: the endlessly subtle moves and countermoves on the mat or the grim fact that nobody since Bas Rutten has won a distance fight spending most of it in the bottom position.

Johnson-Torres really could have gone either way, and the difference between them was negligible. However, with the bantamweight cupboard of future title challengers somewhat thin, lack of a clear-cut winner in this one hurts the division a little. It probably makes a rubber match between Urijah Faber and champion Dominick Cruz all the more likely after the two battle for Cruz’s belt July 2, should Cruz prevail.

The talented Joseph Benavidez has already lost twice to Cruz, but he and Johnson would make for an interesting match, provided Benavidez gets past the tough Eddie Wineland at UFC Live 5 on Aug. 14.

Torres’ defensive guard is a thing of brilliance, like a vintage Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. He stifles opponents by constantly threatening with submissions and sweeps, while consistently tying up every limb to make one wonder what he will have to defend against next.

It is also probable that if Johnson and Torres fought 10 times, most of them would go to a close and contested decision. Styles make fights, and they also make inconclusive ones. It is too bad this one did not produce a definitive winner, because Johnson and Torres are both talented bantamweights.
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